With the abundance of people’s “living food”, people seems to lacking of “spiritual food”, and some people may be psychologically affected, and there are many people suffering with depression. Like mankind, depression can happen in the pet’s life. Not sure about it? Let’s look at the 8 common manifestations of pet dogs suffering from depression. The pet owners should be careful to see if their dogs have the following symptoms.

Common manifestations of pet dogs suffering from depression:

  1. Dog is listless: this symptom does not include that the dog is sick, if the dog is not sick, and there is no spirit at all, especially the dog is listless no matter how hard you were trying to cheer it up. In this case, you must pay more attention ~
  2. The dog lost interest in favorite foods or toys: Although dogs may like something new, but if you find that it doesn’t even like the food it usually likes, then you must take it to the Vet’s.
  3. The dog has been lazy, lethargic and autistic: Except for its own physical requirements, the dog is unwilling to leave their beds; from day to night, it become reluctant to get up; it become unwilling to communicate with other dogs, and is not willing to talk to its master. This unexplained autism needs to attract the attention of the master.
  4. The dog is irritable and emotional: Some small things can irritate the dog. Even calling the dog to get up may irritate it and become emotional and moody.
  5. The dog is timid and easy to be nervous: some dogs may become depressed because of external stimulation. At this time, the dogs do not believe in the outside world, and the heart is abnormally lonely and nervous.
  6. The dog becomes violent and aggressive: Dogs suffering from depression are extremely insecure in their hearts, just like crazy, they start to attack indiscriminately and have a tendency to violence. This kind of violent behavior is a typical manifestation of depression. pay attention.
  7. Decreased appetite and water drinking less: If your dog becomes less appetite and loses weight, you must check the dog; if the dog drinks less water than usual at this time, there must be a problem.
  8. Plenty of hair loss for dogs: There is also a very important point. If your dog has abnormal hair removal and a lot of hair loss occurs, you must pay attention to the dog.

Okay, now we have an idea of how to find out the dog depression. What can we do about it?

Here are a few treatments for depression dogs:

  1. Give your dog more pampering, and accompany the dogs more when you are off work or at home, so that the dogs can rely on you and increase their favorability, so that the dogs will open your heart and trust you;
  2. When the dog begins to trust you, try to take the dog out to walk, take a look at the outside world and scenery, enrich the dog’s heart, and make the dog’s mood comfortable
  3. If the pet is depressed because of nostalgia, first show the dog some old objects to increase the kindness of nostalgia, and then try to integrate the old objects into the new environment and slowly run in;
  4. If the owner has more than one pet, or if he has a new pet, he must treat them fairly, and do not neglect the feelings of a pet;
  5. The owner’s mood should not be brought to the pets. Be sure to treat every cute little life in the same way as raising children.Pets also need to be cared and loved, and the causes of depression in pets are also very different.

If your pet has the above symptoms, be careful and try to comfort it. And here is one last thing that might be helpful with the pet depression: