Pet Bowl Fun Feeder Slow Feed Interactive Bloat Stop Dog Bowl


The middle part can rotate! Non Slip Puzzle Bowl Fun Feeder Interactive Bloat Stop Dog Bowl, Eco-Friendly Non Toxic Bamboo Fiber Slow Feed Dog Bowl for Medium Small Dogs Cats(Custom Logo MOQ 500pcs, Custom Package MOQ 1000pcs)

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  • HIGH QUALITY ECO FRIENDLY: This Slow Feeder Bowl is made with FOOD SAFE, High-Strength PP materials, and is BPA, PVC, and PHTHALATE FREE.
  • MAKE EVERY MEAL TIME FUN AND CHALLENGING: Interactive Slow Feeder Bowls allow your pets (dogs and cats) meal times to be much more as nature intended and stop feed times becoming boring. Perfect size for large, medium and small dogs.
  • SLOW YOUR DOGS and CATS EATING TIME: The Slow Bowl is mainly designed to slow down feeding but not be so frustrating the dog gives up. Help control canine obesity with the maze in a bowl and a calory controlled diet.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: The unique design of Siensync Slow Feeder Bowl makes any amount of food go further and so the dog feels full on a smaller amount of food, and top rack dishwasher safe.
  • SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE: The way that it works is simple but very effective, the part in the middle blocks them from being able to get all the food at once so you dog have to turn it to get more food means that they have to think, having to put in in that extra effort to get their meal, thus slow eating down.
  • DIMENSION: 20.5 x 5cm/8.0 x 2.0 inch(Width x Height)


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